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Qei+ Active Harmonie Réparateur Body Lotion
This lotion is a treat for all types of skin. It is packed with the best ingredients: Nourishing Oligo Phyto Natural vitamins and moisturizing agents. This rich carrot-based formulation (carotene) is an abundant source of vitamins A, E, F and PP. Its formula includes the best lightening plant extracts known and its effectiveness can be improved in combination with the QEI+ Lightening Serum. 16.8 oz./500ml
Apply Active Harmonic Milk once or twice a day on skin previously cleansed with Active Harmonic Exfoliating soap. Use it once or twice a day insisting on hands, elbows and knees.
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Qei+ Active Harmonie Réparateur Strong Toning Fine Glycerin
In the range Active Harmonie Réparateur, QEI+ has elaborated a Fine Glycerin, rich of carrot oil and the best vegetable toning extracts. After applying, you will feel the repairing and nourishing power on your skin. The epidermis is fed and regenarated. With its very special formula, the Active Harmonie Réparateur Fine Glycerin will improve moisturisation, clarity and even complexion of your skin. (500ml)
After carefully cleansing your skin with the QEI+ Active Harmonie Réparateur soap, apply once or twice a day, the Active Harmonie Réparateur Fine Glycerin on your body.
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QEI + has developed a body lotion enriched with multi entire range of benefits of the sea and the pearl of caviar. It’s very special formula that is both preventive and restorative, helps skin regain its suppleness and hydration. Featuring the most effective minerals, it helps to remove dark spots due to incidents of skin (adolescence, old age, sun exposure, insect bites or drug abuse). Its creamy texture makes it very moisturizing and care is particularly pleasant to use and as you, your skin will be revitalized, clear and unblemished. (500ml)
Wash your skin daily with Privilege Soap, dry carefully apply Privilege Body Lotion all over the body. For optimal results, we advise to add some drops of Privilege Serum.
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