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Curl to Straight Flat Iron Silkener Helps to: • Add Ultra Shine • Get Straight Hair with Body • Eliminate Frizz & Flyaways Finally, styling versatility without unhealthy hair. Curly to Straight Silkener infuses just the right balance of natural oils and protection to help distribute heat evenly, add super shine, and prevent drying.(177ml)
For healthier looking hair, hydrate your hair inside and out with Tangle Taming Shampoo and Conditioner. Apply a light coating of Silkener to hair and follow styling options below. Remember to start out light, let your hair decide how much it needs. You can always add more.
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Beautiful Textures(Moisture Butter, Whipped Curls Crème)
Get Amazing Daily Moisturization. Moisture Butter Whipped Curl Crème Helps to: • Soften and Flourish Curls - Silken waves • Elongate Kinky Coils – Tame frizzies Dry, brittle, thirsty hair stunts natural growth. To help ensure locks reach their full growth potential, refresh and hydrate your mixed textured hair every day with Moisture Butter. Moisture Butter helps maximize the styling options of mixed textured hair by helping achieve softer, more defined curls, healthier looking elongated coils, or simply silky-smooth hydrated hair. (226g)
Quench your curls every day with Moisture Butter – Reviving Curl Softness and Bounce. Rub 1 Tbsp of Moisture Butter between your palms. Working section-by-section gently finger comb Moisture Butter from roots to ends to hydrate and redefine your natural texture.
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Beautiful Textures(Rapid Repair Deep Conditioner)
Renew Damage Hair, Add Brilliant Shine. Rapid Repair Deep Conditioner Helps to: • Restore Hair’s natural moisture balance • Control damage from transitioning, heat and color treated hair • Restore elasticity to prevent breakage Dryness and breakage prevent healthy looking hair growth. To help ensure your hair has a fighting chance against daily styling stresses use Rapid Repair Deep Conditioner to help strengthen, rebuild, protect and hydrate. Rapid Repair Deep Conditioner allows you to embrace more versatile styling options, while protecting your hair from the inside out. To achieve softer, more defined curls, healthier looking elongated coils and simply silky smooth hydrated hair use this feather lite deep penetrating conditioner. (425g)
Help Control Damage and Add Brilliant Shine Every Day! Saturate hair from roots to ends. Finger comb or use a wide tooth comb to ensure complete coverage. For thicker tresses use a detangling brush to ensure complete coverage. For deeper penetration cover hair with plastic cap and sit under dryer for 15 minutes. Rinse completely and style as desired. For tresses that are extremely damaged, over processed, or breaking hair, follows the steps above for 25 minutes. Can also be used as a leave-in co
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Achieve amazing manageability and styling versatility for Curly, Wavy, Kinky-Colly or Frizzy hair. Get soft defined curls, bodacious bouncy spirals, and smooth silky tresses with this intensive Moisture-Rich formula for mixed textured hair. Helps to: • Detangle – Restore Shine and Body • Improve Manageability • Soften and Stretch Natural Curl Pattern. (355ml)
Spread generous amount between the palms of your hands and smooth onto wet hair. Gently massage scalp with fingertips and work lather into hair from roots to ends. Use finger combing to help ease out tangles and remove buildup. Rinse and repeat. Shampooing with our intense moisture formula adds climate control to your style by sealing in moisture and sealing out humidity.
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