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This Cleansing Milk with Calendula’s Extract softens, moisturizes and protects your Baby’s skin. Thanks to its hypoallergenic properties, it is perfectly suitable for the daily wash of your Baby. Ideal for the care of sensitive and delicate skins, it protects the skin after the wash or the bath. Its unctuous texture easily penetrates, cleans and eases irritations. (1000ml)
Spread MAKARI CLEANSING MILK on a cotton puff to wash your Baby. This can be repeated any time.
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A light silky emulsion to lighten and moisturize your complexion, particularly pleasant to the touch. Acts swiftly against excessive pigment formation. Regular use will keep your skin in perfect condition, luminous and soft. This Beauty Milk is particularly effective against pigmented marks, liver spots, scars, stretch marks and other sign of premature skin ageing. Very gentle and non-irritant, it is ideal for daily use. Guaranteed hydroquinone free. (140ml)
Apply to face and body once or twice daily, on perfectly cleansed skin.
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