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Dr. Miracles No-Lye Relaxer (Normal)
The brand straightening kit Dr Miracle's allows a touch to your straightening or is recommended for short hair. Enables rapid editing between 2 straightening. Free of soda makes the hair smooth, soft and silky. Anti-breakage technology ensures health and vitality the scalp.
Do not use on an irritated scalp. Do not use on bleached hair. Do not apply on the skin. Do not exceed the specified exposure time. See pack for Step-by-Step Guide for straightening instructions.
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(DR. MIRACLE’S) Stimulating Moisturizing Gro Oil
My Dr.Miracle’s Stimulating Moisturizing Gro Oil works wonders on hair and scalp problems. • Supports strong growing hair and healthy scalp • Moisturizes, conditions and shines • Strengthens hairs and scalp. (118ml)
Shake well before using. Use twice a day. Works on dry or damp hair. Massage gently into scalp. Use on hair as a finishing touch. Leave in, Style as usual. HOT OIL (for more damaged hair.) Massage into scalp and place more oil on your hair. Cover with a heating cap for 5 to 15 minutes depending on your hair’s condition. Shampoo & condition with my Damaged Hair Medicated Treatment and style as usual.
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(DR. MIRACLE’S) Anti-Breakage Strengthening Crème
EXCELLENT ON RELAXED, BRAIDED, WEAVED OR NATURAL HAIR My Dr.Miracle’s Anti-Breakage Strengthening Crème is a fabulous crème hairdress that can be used every day on your hair and scalp. • Tingling sensation supports strong growing hair and healthy scalp • Penetrates hair shaft, ending breakage while adding brilliant shine • Works deep into the scalp waking up dead hair follicles • Feather light cream moisturizes, conditions and finishes your hair and scalp (113g)
Use twice a day. Apply directly to scalp and massage gently. Use a hair as a finishing touch to shine, condition and moisturize. Leave in. Style as usual.
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Deeply Conditions And Helps Repair. (339g)
Shampoo with my Conditioning shampoo and towel dry. Apply a generous amount of Damaged Hair Medicated Treatment and massage gently into scalp and hair. Leave in for 1-3 minutes. Rinse well. Follow with my Healing Leave in Treatment & Conditioner. Style as usual. Use weekly or twice a week if hair is extremely damaged. For Extremely Damaged Hair: Shampoo with my Conditioning shampoo and towel dry and apply to scalp and hair. Massage gently. Cover head with a heating cap or hot towel. Leave on for
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Cleanse & Condition. Excellent for Relaxed, Braided, Natural or Weaved Hair. (355ml)
Wet hair: Use a generous portion on your hands and place on hair and scalp. Massage gently into the scalp and hair and wait about 1 minutes before rinsing out.
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